There’s a couple threads on the forum for discussion.


Most of the immediate action is going to be taking place in Khorvaire(Wikia has a pretty good set of pages). Here’s a giant map.

Meeting Eachother

It’s all going down in Sharn. It’s a fairly large town that has a somewhat shady side, so those looking for work probably came here…


I’ll need about a week once I have your characters. Questions to answer:

  1. Where is your character from (city/nation) -preferably in Khorvaire but if you have a reason for not let me know.
  2. What was your character doing during the great war that ended 4 years ago?
  3. Where were you when the Mourning occurred? Did you hear about it after the fact, did you see it?
  4. Do you have any allegiances? Nations, Houses, criminal gangs, secret agencies?
  5. Do you have and qualms/morals? We’re talking about running an evil campaign, is there anything you don’t want to do? Is there anything you especially do?
  6. Any peculiar quirks/motivations/ideals that drive your character? Why are you evil or not good? This can be you never learned to be good in the first place, yall probably grew up during a great war.

Talk to me if you need help getting these answered. They don’t have to be exact, but having some idea of who your character is will make things go nicer.

Here’s the characters page

Eberron dogs

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