Fezzie the Friendly

A gnome assassin with a genteel air


Hello dear future friends, my name is Fezzie the Friendly, but most folks call me Fez. I and my stalwart companion Bartleby are pleased to make your acquaintance. We have just arrived in the city this very afternoon in search of high adventure, new friends, and profit beyond reason. I was told by some acquaintances in the street that there was a capable warlock around and am therefore writing to present ourselves to you.

I hail from the city of Zilargo (as you might imagine by my short stature and gnomish nature), but during the war was in the employ of the Circus of Shadows, a traveling carnival which lightened the hearts and minds (albeit briefly) of the war torn inhabitants of Khorvair. While performing a missi…erm show near the edge of the Mournland I came upon a large crate that was making interesting sobbing sounds. Never one to stand by when someone is in need of aid, I naturally went to investigate this weeping crate. After a bit of prying I managed to unhinge a board and who should I see but this large weepy bag of bolts, the very mister Bartleby you see in front of you now. After I managed to calm him down he explained that all he had ever known was the darkness of the crate and that he had never imagined a world beyond. As such, when he saw me, at first he mistook me for some deity or another from a distant plane of existence. He really had no idea how the world operates, so I did what any friendly gnome would do, I took him under my wing, in order that the world not take too much advantage of a person with such tender notions.

We have thence forth traveled together, nigh inseparably, to find our fortunes and fates in this cold, harsh world. I have been educating Bartleby in the Healing and Defensive arts so that he would be more able to readily defend himself and his allies should trouble come calling. He has taken to it naturally (as anyone might imagine, given his graven provenance). I have certain abilities that have been very useful for our survival, though some call them evil. However I am sure that you, dear warlock, would not be so small minded. As a fellow traveler of the darker paths, I should think that you and I will have much in common.

Bartleby and I seek a mutually profitable arrangement where we share the burdens, joys and most importantly profits of adventuring by joining ourselves to a competent company of comrades. If you think, that you as well, would find your situation improved by such, please do let us hear from you as soon as possible so that we can begin our schem..err planning.

Fezzie the Friendly

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