Kalashtar Psion


As Kalashtars, who are hunted by the Dreaming Dark, my family roamed around Khorvaire for most of my childhood. The Dark only got really close to us once, but it was enough to scare me into the paranoia that my parents had tried so hard to instill. We escaped the Dark by hiding in a subterranean tunnel system. We were searching for a way back out when we stumbled into a room full of maps, strange machines exhaling some sort of smoke, and men with guns. My parents were both shot but I managed to get away. I don’t know what they were doing or why they shot my parents but I know they were working for the government of Karrnath. I’ll never trust another large organization.

After my parents died I used their savings to secure a spot at Accio’s School for Young Women in Aundair and poured my grief into my studies. I excelled and was offered a spot at the Library of Korranberg, one of only 3 “commoners” that were selected, where I studied arcana and honed my psionic abilities. It was there that I met my friend Legia d’Medani, the only person I’ve been tempted to trust since my parents’ deaths.

Legia and I were enjoying a post-graduation vacation in Thrane when we heard about the Mourning. Legia and I returned and she convinced me to stay with her and work for House Medani as they investigated the Mourning. Several years later I began to feel restless and decided to strike out on my own. I remain on good terms with House Medani and occasionally do work for them if I am having a dry spell.

The principle of self-preservation guides my life. I will do whatever it takes to save myself and do not consider myself bound by the laws of the government as it is obviously dishonest and vicious. I am secretive and suspicious, I react forcefully to even the slightest threat and am always on the lookout for conspiracies. I am also convinced that a repeat of the Mourning is inevitable and am always looking for clues about its cause.


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