Eberron dogs

Session 1 - In Which We Meet
Our first session eviling together
Gatters the Fat calls a meeting

Fez & Barleby, Lyxtra and Bartox meet in the back corner of a shabby pub with a “man” named Gatters the Fat. He presents us with a job, to go retrieve some dragon shards that are being smuggled in for someone else.


We gather supplies for our mission: Two spy glasses and a 30ft length of piano wire. These are the tools we will employ in ambushing our enemy. We also check for the usual locations of thieves along the road

An Ambush

We set our trap on a likely stretch of road. Just as the small caravan (4 men and a donkey) came through, Fezzie created the sound of a dragon swooping down and roaring near and above the donkey. This startled the donkey enough to have him charge at the loaded piano wire, which cut his forelegs to the bone. The men also spooked, are easily overwhelmed, though there is a brief struggle for the payload. Bartleby was a boon here by grabbing the bag and holding it hidden in the forest. After eviscerating their party, we quickly hide the bodies in fresh graves behind the graveyard in the wood. Shortly after we stealthily flee, through the woods north of the road, a friar travels by and puts the donkey out of its misery, though it had mostly bled out by then. While concerned about the scene, it doesnt seem like a good time to linger so he quickly passes on. The payload contained: 4 gold and jeweld icons worhth ~800g, 500 residium, 50g, 4 dragon shards.

Ambushed !

While camped some ways back toward Sharn, we are attacked by common thieves who did get what they expected. We brutally murdered two of them before the rest fled. The dead had a startling 20g. We sleep soundly after the workout, with ever vigilant Bartleby keeping watch. Fez thanks Bartleby for his excellent service during the episode, before drifting to a deeper sleep, knowing he is safe with his dearest friend.


Having gathered the dragon shards and our abundant treasure, we hoof it back to Gatter’s. Before going to the pub we open a safe deposit box for 50g and stash our extra dragon shard, 4 religious icons (studded with jewlery) worth about 800g, and 450 of our 500 residium. Presenting him with the shards he reveals that he actually needs them delivered onwards as his usual deliverator has failed to show. We negotiate that we should receive 500g from the recipient of these shards. We end up with 20g, 3 horses, 2-15ft lengths of piano wire, 2 spyglasses and a mission to deliver these shards.

Coming Next Week

We trek across the Breland till we get the northern most city of Cragmar. Also, we ride a train.


  • Piano wiring then leaving the donkey wallowing in its wounds in the mud
  • No body seeing us at much in the first battle
  • Stashed the bodies fairly effectively.
  • Lyxtra being an excellent scout
  • Bartox causing the entire crowd of enemies to attack their leader, while remaining hidden in the shadows, leading to further fright
  • Fez pulling enemy after enemy into the forest.

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